At Shivalik Engineering Industries Limited, we are committed to operating our business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. We recognize the importance of minimizing our environmental impact and contributing to a greener future.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Responsible Material Sourcing
We are committed to sourcing our materials from responsible suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. This includes using recycled materials where possible and minimizing waste throughout our supply chain.
Energy Efficiency
We are continuously working to improve the energy efficiency of our operations. This includes investments in energy-saving technologies and processes.
Waste Reduction and Recycling
We are committed to reducing waste generation and increasing recycling rates across our facilities. We have implemented programs to minimize scrap metal and optimize material usage during the casting process.
Emissions Reduction
We are actively working to reduce air and water emissions from our operations. This includes investing in pollution control equipment and implementing cleaner production processes.
Employee Engagement
We believe that our employees are key to our sustainability efforts. We provide training and awareness programs to help employees understand and contribute to our sustainability goals.

Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Plant
Shivalik Engineering Industries Limited is proud to announce the installation of a new solar power plant at our facility. This solar power plant will generate clean, renewable energy to help power our operations and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. The solar power plant is expected to generate 50 MW of clean energy per year. This will offset 36,500 Ton of carbon dioxide emissions annually, which is equivalent to planting 16,59,090 trees.
The installation of the solar power plant is a significant step forward in Shivalik Engineering Industries Limited’s commitment to sustainability.

Looking Ahead

We are committed to continuous improvement in our sustainability performance. We will continue to invest in new technologies and processes that will help us reduce our environmental impact. We are also committed to working with our suppliers, customers, and communities to promote sustainable practices.