Water work & Pipe Fitting Castings Manufacturer in India

Water work & Pipe Fitting Castings

Shivalik Group of Companies comprising of 3 foundries with latest foundry equipments and Machining facilities along with meticulous Quality control systems and equipment. Shivalik is a one stop source for all the metal cast products in finished machined condition ready to use to the customer specification and requirements.

We utilize the latest production and design technologies to ensure superior castings and parts integrity. We offer in-house shot blasting, heat treatment, finish coating and CNC machining to deliver highest quality of finished products. Our staff of highly qualified engineers utilize the latest software for product design, simulation and conduct online element analysis to develop and manufacture Ductile Iron Pipe Fittings as per AWWA specifications for water works Industry as per UL and FM approvals.

Shivalik Group is in a very strategic position to provide Ductile Iron Pipe fittings for water works Industries as per specification for ANSI / AWWA C153 Mechanical Joint Fittings, ANSI / AWWA C110 Mechanical Joint Fittings, ANSI / AWWA C153 Push On Joint Fittings, ANSI / AWWA C110 Class 125 Flange Fittings, of various sizes of Bends, Tee, Reducers, Wyes, Cross, Caps & Plugs, Laterals, Adaptors and other components as per customer specification and requirements.