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Wheel Hub Manufacturer in India

Wheel Hub Casting

Shivalik is a leading manufacturer of Wheel Hubs for the global automotive industry
mainly focused on OEM’s. We are one of the largest producers of all kinds of Wheel
Hubs for commercial vehicle market in the country.

We make medium and heavy duty ductile Iron Hubs for the OEM’s. The goal of the
company is to become leader in Wheel Hub manufacturing.

● Quality begins at the source. Shivalik houses state of the art manufacturing facilities that include CNC machining lines with comprehensive production capacity. The high quality of casting in our foundry using optimized online process controls ensure that Hubs with desired specification & physical properties are manufactured. We are having latest CNC turning centers and VMC to ensure high accuracy and desired tolerance.
● Online inspection system at every stage including CMM and process controlsystem is adopted along with an elaborate range of testing and measuring instruments calibrated to globally accepted standard. This ensures precision
and accuracy for the machined parts as per customer specification and drawing.
● We have special Leak testing machine for validating soundness of wheel hubs.
● We have proper setup for final inspection & visual inspection of critical andmajor charactering on the product before the same is sent for packaging.
● Modern painting method for the aesthetic look with rigid packing standardsas per customers requirement makes Shivalik ideally suited for all OEMS .
Shivalik maintains relations of deep loyalty with their customers based on their superior
quality , technology & integrated services as well as close collaboration to meet
customer needs.